Full Moon Self Care 🌔-In Virgo

Clean up your act….organize the home, car, and office or studio space. Use the ambitious and detail-minded Virgo energy to wrap-up tasks and loose ends.

Be kind to your gut. Notice the digestive system. Use this time to refocus on health and hygiene routines. Sip on lemon-water, partake in a detoxifying clay mask (recipe below), get some sauna time or find your nearest hot yoga place. Craft yourself a detoxifying tea ( try dandelion root, cranberry, milk thistle). Put time into curating an essential oil blend for cleansing. Twist! That’s right, give your organs a massage and aid your digestion with some deep breathing and deep twisting (check out my “At Home Asana” plan for this moon phase for some detoxifying twist ideas).

Look inward and consider your relationships. Virgo energy calls us to serve. It is too easy to run with this intense ambition to make things happen and give. To serve we must care for ourselves. Take the time to bring yourself to your yoga mat or meditation space. Cleanse the mind as you cleansed & organized your physical spaces, and your body and digestive spaces….write down some things that clutter the mind. Be rid of them in your own way-release.

In the detailed-driven and ambitious spirit of Virgo, remember…don’t take things too seriously.

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